"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

From "Auguries of Innocence"

by William Blake

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

North Wales Part 3: More of Portmeirion and a trip to see Ospreys

On Tuesday, 20th June, after a superb breakfast at the Hotel, we packed, checked out and then wandered back into the village. What a contrast to the night before - it was now teeming with visitors!

Today I used the Canon Bridge SX50 - partly because it is a much lighter camera to carry around and partly because the zoom on it does come in exceedingly handy.

If the weather had been cooler I would have preferred to walk alongside the estuary and back through the woods but it was even hotter and more humid so we decided to go on the train that takes you a short tour of the woodland gardens.

The train stops briefly so you can walk to the gazebo and take photos looking down on the village.

Back in the village we had a look round some of the shops and B sat and enjoyed an ice cream - I was still too full from breakfast.

Lady's Lodge and No. 6's house

At mid-day we had to return and move the car from outside Fountains and, as we wanted to explore more at the "top" of the village, we re-parked in the visitors' car park and managed to gain entry again without any problems.

Battery Square - the little piazza onto which No. 6's french doors open

We had a look round the Prisoner Shop which is housed in the building which was his residence.

Toasted tea cake for lunch

Green Dome

Another view of Number Six's house.

View towards Glorietta and Fountain Pool

The plaque by this sculpture reads "Patrick McGoohan 1928 - 2009. Donated by Tiziano Sculptor Mougins France and Jenny Klabin 31st May 2017" This is the 50th anniversary year of the Prisoner.

We then made our way to the Glaslyn Osprey Project. Ospreys have bred in the Glaslyn Valley since 2004 and in 2013 a group called Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife was formed to offer the birds protection and provide the chance for local people and visitors to see the wildlife of the valley.

Many thanks to Rosie from "Corners of my Mind" who first blogged about these ospreys - I hadn't realised they were so close to Portmeirion and we couldn't miss the opportunity of visiting.

Wonderful views from the new Visitor Centre.

The ospreys were nesting over a mile away - somewhere in these trees - you could just make the birds out through telescopes and there were excellent quality nest cams

showing live and recorded footage.

The feeders had a great variety of visitors including Siskin and Redpoll which together with Osprey and Red Kite seen on the journey were all new "ticks" for the year. I've now seen Ospreys in Wales, England (Bassenthwaite and a bird on passage at Brandon Marsh) and Scotland (Loch Garten and Loch Insh).

A lovely wildlife meadow and bug hotel. It is a pity it wasn't cooler as I would have liked to explore more of the reserve.

For some unknown reason the Satnav now set for home sent us to Beddgelert so we stopped off at Glaslyn Ices for one of their superb icecreams. Satnav then completely got "its knickers in a twist" but luckily we realised it was sending us home via Caernarfon! A speedy u-turn and we were hopefully going in the right direction!

A few photos before we leave North Wales from a viewpoint.