"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

From "Auguries of Innocence"

by William Blake

Friday, 21 September 2012

Returning to my Favourite Nature Reserve

It looks as though "old blogger" has finally disappeared for ever and "new blogger" has arrived for good so I am not hundred per cent sure how this post will look!! Initially it appeared I had lots of new features to play with like colours, different fonts etc., but returning to create a new post these have disappeared?? Lost in cyberspace?

Anyway to return to the post it was lovely and sunny and I finally had time yesterday afternoon to visit Brandon Marsh NR - my favourite nature reserve.

Since my last visit the Sensory Garden has been completely redesigned and replanted and was looking lovely. I'd got the 70-300mm lens on the camera so couldn't really get a picture of the whole garden but it was great to see yet another bug box design. There were a few Comma butterflies on buddleias.

I walked most of my usual route in a reverse direction for a change i.e starting where I normally finish! So I walked round the back of Grebe Pool passing the windpump and had a very interesting chat with a couple of staff from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust about the badger cull. One of them had received training in the vaccination of badgers and they are working their way round WWLT reserves catching and vaccinating badgers against bTB. Don't forget you can still sign the Govt e-petition created by Brian May against the Badger Cull.

I stopped off at the Jon Baldwin Hide overlooking East Marsh Pool and managed to miss a Kingfisher as I was too busy rummaging in my bag for a pencil!!! Doh! Luckily it flew past the hide again a few minutes later. Lovely to meet you Kevin and thanks for all the tips on birds to be seen on the reserve yesterday :)

Here's a few photos of the same species that I saw at Brueton Park last week

Greylag Goose

Canada Geese seen from East Marsh Hide

Also spotted a Snipe from this Hide and a few swallows.

I continued onto Carlton Hide and saw my first Hobby of the year - you can tell how little birdwatching I've done this summer! Fascinating to watch interactions between Hobby and Sparrowhawk and Sparrowhawk and Jays - although I gather I missed the best of the action :(

I didn't have time to walk through Central Marsh and Horsetail Glade but managed a photo of a Mute Swan on Goose Pool.

Walking through Hope Wood back to the visitor centre I came across a really tame baby rabbit. One of those magical encounters when you can get fairly close to a wild mammal who seems totally unafraid.

I realised how much I had missed my visits to Brandon Marsh so hopefully I will manage to visit more often through the autumn and winter.


Toffeeapple said...

The flapping Canada Goose and the Swan are superb shots. Loved the Rabbit too, amazing that it didn't disappear. That is the best bug house so far I think.

Ragged Robin said...

Toffeeapple - Many thanks for your lovely comment :) I was surprised at how tame the young rabbit was - they usually bolt. Perhaps he/she hasn't yet learned to fear humans!

I think you are right about the bug house. Wish I could have got more photos of the garden.

Kevin and Seri said...

You're welcome :-)

ShySongbird said...

Hi Caroline, So glad up you managed to get to your favourite reserve, I know you have been itching to :-) I was hoping to get there for the first time this Summer but it wasn't to be, hopefully I will manage it before too long. It sounds like you had a lovely visit and you certainly took some super photos, they are all so nice I couldn't pick a favourite! You did get very close to that pretty little rabbit, I saw some black ones during the Summer!

I haven't even seen one Hobby this year despite visiting Otmoor during August where I expected to. As for Jays, it is ages since I saw one!

Ragged Robin said...

Kevin and Seri - Many thanks :) Thanks for following too! I've found your blog now - some super photos :) I will add it to my blog list! In fact, initially I was unable to follow other blogs for some unknown reason but I think using Google Chrome has solved that problem. So when I get a moment I will start following blogs myself!

Shy Songbird - Hi Jan - yes was so relieved to go (just closed my eyes to all the housework :) ) I do hope you manage to visit soon as I am sure you would really enjoy it there :) Glad you liked the photos - well done on the black rabbits - the only place I have ever seen one was when we stayed at a cottage in Cunsey in the Lake District a few years ago. It was exceedingly cute :)

Otmoor is a place I have on my list of places to visit! Your comment on jays made me smile because someone I met at reserve said he'd just seen a jay and I said I'd seen one too in an oak tree but I never see many at Brandon Marsh. And within seconds there were about 4 jays flying round the Carlton Hide !! :)

Rohrerbot said...

Oooo....I love the Canadian Goose with his wings open:) Such pretty shots.

I not sure I like the new blogger. It's freezing up on me all the time and I can barely write anything without having to wait for it save. So I'm definitely not liking the new format at all.

Love all your beautiful finds. That bunny face:)

Ragged Robin said...

Rohrerbot - Many thanks Chris. I thought the rabbit was rather cute too :)

No, I am not keen on new blogger - accessing anything seems more complicated though I suppose we will get used to it. TBH I just use the simplest of formats for posts - would like to change it all around and try something different but am petrified I might lose everything!!!! Also I have still not worked out why the italics and links don't work for me!