"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

From "Auguries of Innocence"

by William Blake

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Snowdrops and Catkins at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens

I managed to "escape" to Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens for an hour or so yesterday afternoon. The weather conditions - cloudy, gloomy and windy - weren't ideal for photos but it was very quiet and peaceful there.

Even though its winter, the gardeners and volunteers were still hard at work.

The bare branches of the many espaliers make interesting "sculptures" against the bare walls.

The Gardens have many mature tree specimens - some with splendid gnarled bark.

Lady Bridgeman's Garden - which always has a display of seasonal plants

More daisies (Bellis perennis) were flowering in the stone trough in the Melon Ground

Daffodils are starting to come through in North Orchard

The Secret Garden

I was looking for a nearby wrought iron bench (I later discovered its been moved to the maze) but found another handy seat in a wall arch not far away.

Hellebores such as Helleborus foetides (sorry for lack of italics still can't seem to get them to work) or Bird's Foot are starting to flower

This looks like Rosemary in flower too!

And, best of all, the snowdrops and winter aconites are coming into bloom - there will be a stunning display in a few weeks

There are still lots of seedheads in the Extra Gardens and rose hips in the Upper Wilderness

In the Nut Ground I found hazel catkins (lamb's tails) - not a very good photo - the light was so poor I could only get a low shutter speed even on ISO 800 and it was very breezy there. The little female cones with red stigmas are also showing - I did get a photo but it was even poorer than the one below so I haven't bothered publishing it!

There are a lot of holly trees, bushes and hedges of several different varieties at the Gardens.

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens blog (http://castlebromwichhallgardenstrust.blogspot.com - sorry I can't get links to work either! (think its something to do with security settings on the computer)) or see link on the right under "My Blog List" has a superb recent posting about Holly at the Gardens together with details of their Stargazing Event tomorrow night which looks as though it will be a great evening.

If anyone lives local to Solihull or Birmingham and wants to visit the Gardens they have a website at www.cbhgt.org.uk which has details of admission and forthcoming events including the Stargazing and a Snowdrop weekend next month.


Rohrerbot said...

Nice garden! Even in winter, it looks all so beautiful, but I imagine that there is some clean up and pruning involved:) I'm starting that project right now in my garden....I kinda enjoy doing it, but it's slow going. Have a good weekend!

Rob said...

Looking at that wheelbarrow with the tools and lovely basket, I'm tempted to run of with it!

Ragged Robin said...

Rohrerbot - yes, its beautiful there. Gardening never stops - not even in the winter! Have a great weekend too!

Rob - they are nice aren't they (had similar ideas myself !) - one of the gardeners found me lurking nearby and made off with it all pretty quickly!

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens said...

Thanks for the coverage and the always-wonderful pictures. A great job as always:) The stargazing night is now covered in our latest blog entry, and look out for an announcement of our snowdrop event coming very soon!

I hope you don't mind but I've linked to your entry on Facebook and Twitter.

The latest blog entry covers what happened at the stargazing event. The weather was not on our side unfortunatley, but it was still a very good and educational evening.

Thanks a million for your continued coverage and support, it is always appreciated!

All the best


Ragged Robin said...

Many thanks for your kind comments as always Graham.

Its kind of you to post a link on Facebook and Twitter and I am very happy for you to do so whenever you wish. I can't access the former (it was password protected on the computer some years ago (long story!) and no-one can remember the password!! but I've just opened a twitter account. Not quite sure why but it might be fun!

I'm not sure how many local people visit my blog (except for yourself, of course!!) but I hope I can do something little to publicise the Gardens in return for all the pleasure they have given me over the last couple of years.

Glad the Stargazing Event went well - dreadful shame though about the weather.

ps Haven't forgotten I still have your book - its been dreadfully hectic of late with my mum in hospital but I'll email when I'm ready to return it. Hope thats ok

Best wishes


Graham High said...

Take as much time as you like. I've read it ;)

Ragged Robin said...

LOL :D A lot of time and effort went into writing it!

Tricia said...

Great post and some wonderful winter colour... much needed! And snowdrops... the promise of things to come....

Ragged Robin said...

Thanks Tricia - it was lovely seeing the snowdrops as a reminder that Spring is not too far away!