"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

From "Auguries of Innocence"

by William Blake

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas "Bits and Pieces"

I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas.

I haven't had chance to go out recently partly because its been so busy with Christmas on the approach and partly because of the near constant rain so I thought I'd share a few Christmas pictures from home with you.

D took a photo of the real Christmas Tree that we put in the porch. The tree lives the rest of the year in a pot in the garden. I wasn't able to bring it indoors last year as it looked on its last legs but re-potting it and feeding it seems to have done the trick.

Indoors we have an artificial tree decorated with decorations we've made or bought over the years - each one brings back a special memory :)

Photos of a few other decorations

I can highly recommend the Marks and Sparks Christmas Cake liqueur seen in this photo!! Panicked this year when the shop had sold out but E managed to get some on Christmas Eve :)

I bought the silver fairy for the top of the Christmas tree when D was a baby but since we bought a new tree she keeps falling off so this year I have replaced her on the tree with a Father Christmas and told her she has pride of place on the mantelpiece!

A few of my favourite presents - the first two are from my birthday a few weeks ago. The Midnight Moth Owl bought from the Hooting Owl exhibition a few months ago and "Benoit the Badger" cushion. The bee and flower cushion next to it I treated myself to a while back.

Looking forward to reading these :)

A handmade Purple Emperor brooch - a real surprise on Christmas morning :)

I had some lovely presents this year - and you may recall the lovely robin metal sculptures seen at NT properties in the autumn. I did get one (slightly different but even nicer I think) D bought me from the Christmas Fayre in Worcester. Forgot to take a photo but will post one some time soon.

Baking from Christmas Eve - Rudolph Reindeer cupcakes and mince pies.

Some of you may remember that I bought a book of Christmas "Knit and Purl" knitting patterns in the autumn and I've been busy over the last few weeks making a few. The deer and Father Christmas were my favourites. The polar bear was a nightmare - much bigger than the others and the sewing up instructions were rather basic for someone like me who has never knitted toys before.

I really enjoyed making these items and will definitely make more toys - have promised E a gingerbread man and a penguin!

Around two years ago I started to knit squares for a blanket and finally!!! I've finished it! About to start another one so I may get that completed in 2017!

Redpolls (Lesser, I think) have been visiting the silver birches in the garden to eat the seeds. D managed to get a "silhouette" photo with the Canon. Its a nightmare taking birds against a grey sky - need to find out where the Exposure Compensation control is on the bridge!


John Wooldridge said...

Lovely bits n pieces Robin ;-)

Ragged Robin said...

John Wooldridge - Thanks John :)

Countryside Tales said...

I love all your decorations and the history behind them- the best bit I often think. Well done on finishing your blanket- it looks great, and also on the knitted toys- I am very impressed. As for the reindeer cakes- are those curly wurlys I spy? Yum! x

Ragged Robin said...

Countryside Tales - Thanks so much CT :) Love getting out all the decorations - its like greeting old friends :) Gosh the blanket was time consuming - not so much knitting the squares as I did that while watching tv but sewing them all together - took hours (as you will remember!! :) )

Cheated a bit on the cakes (yes love curly wurlies too :) ) - you were supposed to melt choc and spread in tray to cool and reset and then cut out antlers. But with all the other baking I took an easier option! :)

Toffeeapple said...

Christmas at your house looks like fun. I, on the other hand, don't even put up the cards I am sent!

SeagullSuzie said...

Lovely to see your decorations and the knitted toys are so cute.
Yes getting out has been difficult but not something we've had any choice in with a young Springer to walk. Getting out with the camera has seemed impossible due to the rain and high winds. Although I know we've had migratory birds in the bay over Christmas.

Ragged Robin said...

Toffeeapple - Thanks :) Have to admit that apart from close family I don't put up cards either! Used to hang them from lengths of string but gave up some years ago!

SeagullSuzie - Thanks Suzie. Apart from the Christmassy pics I hadn't used the camera since our trip to Worcester for same reasons as you! Noticed trains near Dawlish - have been suspended today - hope weather improves for you soon. Apart from Wednesday looks better here this week - I desperately need to get out!!

Deb said...

I do love your moth owl and your knitted toys. Those books look interesting too. :-)

Ragged Robin said...

Deb - Many thanks Deb for your lovely comment. The moth owl glows in the dark :) Rather chuffed with the bee book and the church one will be very useful as I really want to start visiting more churches further afield next year :)