"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

From "Auguries of Innocence"

by William Blake

Saturday, 12 October 2013

An Autumnal Stroll Around Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens

I was hoping to go to Marsh Lane NR again on Thursday afternoon but - you guessed it - the permits and keys still haven't arrived so I decided to go along to Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens instead.

There was still plenty of colour from flowers in the borders.

In the Melon Ground I collected some conkers

and there were loads of green tomatoes. Its a pity they hadn't got any for sale as my tomato plants have stopped producing and I don't have green tomatoes for Green Tomato Chutney this year:(

The Gardens held an Apple Weekend last Saturday and Sunday and in the Green House

I found displays of many varieties of apples and pears together with quince, medlar and flowers.

The Extra Gardens (the less formal part of the gardens outside the Walled Garden) were open and I entered via Nut Ground

Mirror Pool is no longer "fenced off" and it looks as though restoration is more or less complete.

There were plenty of windfall apples left for birds, butterflies and insects in New Orchard. This is a good area for Redwings later in the year.

I found sloes in the usual area although most were now looking rather shrivelled and past their "sell by" date!

Autumn colours are starting to appear

along with berries - Rose Hips, Spindle, Rowan and Holly.

I've been hoping for a rather beautiful moth called Merveille du Jour that appears at this time of year in my moth trap but yet again no sign this year. The larval food plant of the moth is oak so I spent rather a lot of time looking at the trunks of oak trees - again without having any luck!

The Summer House contained more displays from Apple Weekend - Pumpkins, marrows and potatoes.

Remains of a Gazebo in a corner of the Gardens.

I've spent a lot of time this year reading various works by Richard Jefferies and Edward Thomas - surely two of our greatest, if not our greatest, nature writers. So I thought I would share with you a poem by Edward Thomas called "Digging" - so evocative of this time of the year.

"Today I think
Only with scents, - scents, dead leaves yield,
And bracken, and wild carrot's seed,
And the square mustard field;

Odours that rise
When the spade wounds the root of tree,
Rose, currant, raspberry, or goutweed,
Rhubarb or celery;

The smoke's smell too,
Flowing from where a bonfire burns
The dead, the waste, the dangerous,
And all to sweetness turns.

It is enough
To smell, to crumble the dark earth,
While the robin sings over again
Sad songs of Autumn mirth.

"Digging" by Edward Thomas


Pete Duxon said...

hope you get your permit soon! Nice to see a bit of sun :)

garden sure does change over the year!

Wendy said...

Lots of lovely autumn photos. It must be so frustrating that the permits and keys for Marsh Lane NR still haven't arrived. But Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens look like a fascinating place to visit as a second choice!
I love the poem by Edward Thomas.

Jerry said...

Green Chutney RR - that's something we haven't made this year... well not yet!

Ragged Robin said...

Pete Duxon - Thanks Pete - am getting rather impatient re: permit!!!! Doesn't look as though cheque has been presented. Think I will politely "chase" mid week if still sign!
The garden does change a lot - more noticeable this year as I don't think I've been so often.

Wendy - Thanks so much :) Glad you liked the post and photos.

Oh yes, it is rather frustrating. I was so excited and longing to return and probably foolishly thought it would all arrive in a week. Get fed up of running to door when post arrives only to be disappointed!!! Patience is not one of my virtues :)

Glad you liked the Edward Thomas poem - his poems and prose are sublime :)

Jerry - My favourite chutney Jerry :) In fact, its the main reason why I grow tomatoes as you can never buy green ones (or not round here). Only have half a jar left from last year so its a trifle frustrating to have none on our plants :(

Tricia Ryder said...

Looks lovely in the Autumn sunshine - always amazes me how much colour there is still about... lovely pics and good luck with the permit!

Ragged Robin said...

Tricia Ryder - Many thanks - glad you enjoyed :)

Countryside Tales said...

Lovely bright colours. Our toms are soldiering on but are very nearly at an end now. No MDJs here either but I live in hope! Plenty of oaks around so you never know. Haven't heard of anyone else getting one yet though- have you? :-)

SeagullSuzie said...

Wonderful poem and beautiful flowers, it would seem as though Autumn is not here yet and we are still in late Summer.

Ragged Robin said...

Countryside Tales - Many thanks. Yes, have read of quite a few sightings making me very green :( We have about 20 oaks about eighth of mile away so live in hope too. Supposedly, they are common and widespread in Warks!! Haven't trapped since Tuesday - heavy rain :(

SeagullSuzie - Many thanks :) Its gone a lot colder (and wet) last few days :( but no frosts yet. Glad you liked poem and flowers :)

Lou Mary said...

These gardens certainly seem well worth a visit. Hopefully your permit will come through soon! Lovely autumnal vibrant colours and thank you for sharing that poem with us too!

Ragged Robin said...

Lou Mary - Many thanks - so glad you enjoyed (still hoping for permit - lol!) Thanks for Twitter follow :)

Chris Rohrer said...

Finally!!!! I was able to sit down today and read! How have you been? I would love to go with you to so many of these places. I love all the pears. And the weather is very holiday'ish:)

Ragged Robin said...

Chris Rohrer - Hi Chris Many thanks :) - lovely to hear from you again - hope you had good holiday. I'm fine thanks (well a bit of a bad back this week but thankfully now seems on the mend!) Hope you are well.

Perhaps one day you will visit England - I am sure you would love it over here :)