"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

From "Auguries of Innocence"

by William Blake

Monday, 9 September 2013

Butterflies, Dahlias and Scarecrows at Baddesley Clinton - Part 1

Every September I try and visit Baddesley Clinton - a moated manor house - to see the beautiful display of dahlias in the Dahlia Border located in the Walled Garden

The house was home to the Ferrers family for 500 years and passed from father to son for 12 generations until it was finally sold in 1940. Most of the house seen today was built in the late 1500's by Henry Ferrers a lawyer, diarist and antiquarian. The family followed the Catholic faith and, although I didn't go inside the house today its well worth a visit and contains several priest holes where persecuted Catholics hid from priest hunters in the 1590's and also a mysterious blood stain on the library floor!

The Walled Garden

The Dahlia border which stretches almost the whole length of one side of the Walled Garden

I was quite puzzled by this worn small butterfly (sorry poor photo as it was some way away and the picture is heavily cropped) but its a Small Copper (thanks Stewart from "From the Notebook :) )

Herbaceous Borders are found along another side of the Garden - full of the most beautiful flowers and humming and buzzing with a myriad of insects, (butterflies, bees, hoverflies etc.)

And no that's not me in the distance with a tripod!!!! Mine was left safely at home!!

Small White (Hopefully - I do get my "Whites" muddled from time to time!)

Small Tortoiseshell - totally soporific from Verbena bonariensis nectar and blissfully unaware of my presence :)

Large White (hopefully)

I've already posted far too many photos so I will save the Vegetable Garden, Scarecrows and Woodland Walk for another post in a day or so.


David Turner said...

Beautiful images and what fantastic Dahlias. We do have such a border here at Wold Garth but nothing as wonderful or spectacular as the one shown in this post :-) Lovely to see all the butterflies too and it seems that Small Tortoiseshells are having a good year as they seem to be everywhere at the moment :-)

Countryside Tales said...

That house is beautiful, would love to visit it. I'm not a fan of dahlias and I'm not quite sure why. My in laws grow lots and they are very impressive, I'm just not fond of them. Gorgeous butterfly shots- we have fewer of them around here now it's cooling down.

Ragged Robin said...

David Turner - Many thanks - the dahlia border is a rather wonderful sight :)

We've had far more Small Tortoiseshells in our garden this year than in recent years which is great news after their decline.

Countryside Tales - Thanks CT. I like dahlias which is strange as I don't really normally like "showy" flowers. Its chrysanthemums I can't stand - always remind me of funerals.

Less flutters here in our garden too over the last few days.

Em Parkinson said...

I'm not a fan of dahlias either but your photos are fantastic and I've really enjoyed admiring their different
structures. I think one of the problems for me is the fact that I'm too lazy to lift them every year!

Dean Stables said...

Wow !! what a lot of beautiful photos, Caroline. Don`t think i take that many in a week ;-)

Ragged Robin said...

Em Parkinson Thank you - glad you enjoyed them. I have 2 in the whole o my garden for the reason you mention :) My dad used to grow loads though which is probably why I retain an affection for them!

Dean Stables - Many thanks Dean for your lovely comment about the photos :) I've used up my allocation now for a week - lol :)

Margaret Adamson said...

What a wonderful colourful post of flowers and insects. Especially liked the butterlfies

Ragged Robin said...

Margaret Adamson - Thank you - glad you enjoyed :)

Toffeeapple said...

Another lovely post, thank you. Those Dahlias are so varied aren't they? I have always been fond of them but have never grown them.

Lookimg forward to seeing the Scarecrows.

Ragged Robin said...

Toffeeapple - Thank you so much - glad you enjoyed. Yes, they are very varied and a huge variety of colours :)

Will try and post scarecrows tomorrow!

Lou Mary said...

I like dahlias, I think the flower I asked about in a previous post of yours was probably one too? They are so colourful and varied in shape and size and obviously a hit with the pollinators!

Ragged Robin said...

Lou Mary - Many thanks - yes I've added a comment. The Flower in Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens post top photo was a dahlia too. I call them pom poms :)

SeagullSuzie said...

Dahlia madness! How wonderful to see all these colours together. Not my favourite plant, or on the must buy list, but I always like them when I see them in other peoples gardens. Probably Bishop of Llandaff is more my thing.

Ragged Robin said...

SeagullSuzie - Many thanks - they are a riot of colour!! I think Bishop of Llandaff is the best for pollinators!

Chris Rohrer said...

Your butterfly and flowers shots are gorgeous.....but the flowers!!!! Those colors and shapes are some of the most beautiful things I have seen in quite awhile....especially the pink clustered ball. Beautiful!

Ragged Robin said...

Chris Rohrer - Thanks so much Chris so glad you enjoyed the flowers and butterflies. I always try and visit in September because there are such a huge variety of dahlias and I love the different shapes and colours :)