"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

From "Auguries of Innocence"

by William Blake

Thursday, 5 September 2013

A September Stroll Around Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens

I usually try and visit Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens once a month and realised earlier this week it was months since I'd been and as the weather was so lovely I decided to pay the Gardens a visit.

These formal gardens attached to Castle Bromwich Hall were at their peak between 1680 and 1740. They were "rediscovered" in a derelict state in 1982 and the aim of the Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Trust is to restore the Gardens to their original splendour.

I would love to know the history of this little stone dog - every time I see it I wonder how long it's been then and who placed it there?

Lady Bridgeman Garden - the planting scheme varies with the seasons. This year there seems to have been an especially lovely combination of flower colours.

Melon Grounds

The North Orchard - there's going to be another splendid crop of apples and pears this year. Apple Day will be held at the Gardens the weekend of 5th and 6th October

I think these pear leaves are suffering from Pear Rust a disease caused by a rust fungus called Gymnosporangium sabinae.

Unfortunately the "Extra Gardens" the less formal part of the gardens were shut again this time.

A beautiful collection of Seedheads and Berries (Autumn is on its way!!) were seen in all areas of the Gardens




Edit - Not quite sure why I called this quince unless its too much reading about quince jelly!!!! It is in fact Medlar. (Huge thanks to T-a :) )





There is a small maze at the Gardens - no-one is sure of its age but its a distorted mirror image of the one at Hampton Court. I haven't been round the maze for years so decided to attempt to reach the centre. Last time I entered it hadn't long been replanted and it was possible to peer over the hedges if you got lost!!!

The Start

To be honest I very soon get fed up with mazes and all that going round and round and backwards and forwards.

Oh dear - yet another dead-end!

The Centre - so near and yet so far!

Finally, five minutes later I made it!

The Secret Garden

South Kitchen Garden

If you enlarge this photo - the hoverfly I believe is one of the Sphaerophoria species (thanks to Africa for help on twitter :) )

Parterres - one of the things I love about the Gardens is the smell of box that hits you as soon as you enter.

It was lovely to find a few roses still in bud and flowering.


Lots of bees, hoverflies and butterflies (Whites and Speckled Wood) around. Usual garden type species of bird and good sighting of Great Spotted Woodpecker.

I won't be leaving it so long next time and will return soon.


Countryside Tales said...

I'd be a bit sad if mazes didn't exist, but don't like being in them myself.
The kitchen garden caught my eye- it was the walls I suspect. I'm a sucker for walled gardens.

Anonymous said...

More gorgeous gardens, you do seem to have a lot of them in your neck of the woods :-) Also great to see all the berries, fruits and seeds which so characterise this most bountiful of seasons.

SeagullSuzie said...

What a lovely garden visit. I know why you would want to visit regularly-I bet it looks great on a frosty morning too.

Ragged Robin said...

CountrysideTales. Agree re: mazes - find them claustrophobic :( Son and daughter when younger loved those Maize Mazes and we used to spend hours in them usually on boiling hot days - put me off for ever :(
The whole Garden is walled :) Not that I do the Lottery often but if I ever won I would be looking for a nice country cottage including walled garden :)

David Turner - Thank you - glad you liked them :) Yes, lots of sign of autumn to be seen :) Must admit I do love Autumn :)

SeagullSuzie - Thank you - glad you enjoyed. It does look good in the frost and I've been when its covered in snow too - totally magical :)

Bovey Belle said...

What beautiful gardens. It is nice to have a favourite place to visit regularly, so you know it in every season.

I had to smile at the Lower Wilderness sign - think parts of my garden would qualify for that too!

All those photos make it nearly as good as walking round it myself. Thank you for sharing.

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi RR I loved walking round these grounds with you. Such a wonderful selection of wonderfully shot flowers and fruit. Pity about one part being closed again for you bit maybe next time, it will be open for you adn us to see what is behind the door!

Ragged Robin said...

Bovey Belle Many thanks for such a lovely comment - so glad you enjoyed :) There's an Upper Wilderness there too and yes parts of our garden would qualify too :)

Margaret Adamson Thanks so much for your lovely comment :) The extra gardens are less formal with 2 pools, some woodland, orchard, grassland and hedgerows - good place for birds and fungi :)

Julie Hargreaves said...

Looks a lovley garden i could spend hours walking around there great photos

Ragged Robin said...

Julie Hargreaves - Many thanks :) Yes, a beautiful garden and so tranquil - never busy like NT properties. You often get the place to yourself :)

Lou Mary said...

This certainly looks a fab place to visit! What is the first flower? It is so pretty! Looks like it could be one of those paper type ones which concertinas into something flat!

Ragged Robin said...

Lou Mary - Thank you. The first flower is a variety of dahlia - my dad used to call them "pom poms" - not sure if that is the correct term :)