"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

From "Auguries of Innocence"

by William Blake

Monday, 10 December 2012

A Great Christmas Play

Photo courtesy of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre's Website

David and I went to see Birmingham Rep's Christmas production of the Wind in the Willows last Tuesday evening. The play is based on Kenneth Grahame's book (one of my favourites!) and adapted for the stage by Alan Bennett with additional lyrics and music by Jeremy Sams.

The play tells the charming tale of Ratty, Mole, Badger and Toad and their adventures. I found it a really delightful, entertaining production which will be enjoyed by adults and children alike. The sets and music were excellent and all the acting very good although I have to single out Toad who was just brilliantly funny!

It was nice to have a mince pie and glass of mulled wine at the interval too!

Whilst mentioning Badgers I attended a really good talk and presentation at my local Badger Group last month. The talk and slideshow presented by two accredited Badger Vaccinators explained all about the training required to become a Vaccinator. This was followed by a video of how traps are baited and set before vaccination occurs and then finally some footage from a local badger sett showing this year's cubs. It was a really interesting evening and I learnt a lot of new information about badger vaccination and the benefits it could bring. I was made to feel really welcome which was lovely and I am looking forward to going to meetings again next year when they reconvene in the Spring. Many thanks to Steven for encouraging me to attend and introducing me to so many great people.

Apologies for lack of blog postings recently due to a combination of things. Anyway I have enough material for another couple of posts which I will try and put up over the next couple of days.


Rohrerbot said...

Hi there:)

No need to apologize. Sounds like you're very busy. And what an adventure ahead for you....just be careful. Badgers are aggressive:) I know you know that....but still, I just have to write it:) I can only imagine the experiences you'll have...please share your pics and experience:) So glad you're helping these critters out and preventing their extinction from your area. Do you have any of that mulled wine left?:)

Ragged Robin said...

Rohrerbot - thanks Chris - problems come to a head again with Mum, plus have stinking cold and cough, a bday last weekend and Cmas on horizon and still have loads to do :)

I won't be vaccinating :( 4 day course involved although you are putting ideas in my head :) The protective gear they have to wear is unbelievable!

Wish I could send you a glass of mulled wine - my favourite :) But enjoy a virtual one!!!

ShySongbird said...

Hi Caroline, I love the tie-up between your two excursions ;-) I'm sure the play was excellent (the book is one of my husband's favourites too) and anything which Alan Bennett has a hand in is sure to be good! The Badger Group talk sounded very interesting too. Talking of local groups we have a local Ornithological Society which part of me would like to join...but....the other part would feel rather intimidated. I've never been a 'joiner' really but there are several, small reserves locally which only members have access to.

Many (belated) Happy Birthday wishes :-) So sorry to see there are problems with your Mum again and that you haven't been too well recently. I do hope things improve for you soon!

Toffeeapple said...

The play sounds enormous fun; I have recently started to re-read the book, I had forgotten how well written it is.

I wonder how the Vaccinators know which Badgers they have treated?

Ragged Robin said...

Hi Jan - Thanks :)

I know what you mean about local groups because they can appear very "cliquey" and I also like to bird watch on my own or with family not with a group. I am a member of the West Midland Bird Club (never been to any of the meetings though) but you still get permits to visit their reserves so it might be worth considering. You could play as much or as little of an active role then as you liked.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I suppose its not really problems as such with mom although she is going through a very aggressive phase I think the enormity of looking after her financial affairs etc., has hit me!!! Its just a cold but I am a bit of a "baby" and hate being unwell! Could callit my version of man flu!!!!!!

Toffeeapple - Oh yes, the play was great fun :) Have you read any of the Wind in the Willows "sequels" by William Horwood? They are hysterical and he writes in same style as Grahame and does a good job I think.

With the badgers after vaccination they cut off a bit of fur and daub with red "paint" so they don't vaccinate twice :)

Tricia said...

Sounds a wonderful production, Caroline... always a favourite story with most generations and I'm still a kid when it comes to Wind in the Willows et al.. And I re-read it not that long ago..

hmmm mulled wine and mince pies :D

Ragged Robin said...

Tricia - The Rep are definitely to be congratulated - they got it just right - remained true to the book which is always nice to see.

One of these days I will have a go at making Mulled Wine myself :) They also did a Mulled Apple Juice which son enjoyed as he doesn't drink.

Ragged Robin said...

ShySongbird - Just reread my response to your comment. I didn't mean to suggest you join West Midland Bird Club!! I meant to say that joining your local Ornithological Group might be similar i.e. you could visit reserves on your own but not attend meetings if you didn't want to. I'm still not explaining myself very well but hopefully you will get what I mean :)