"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

From "Auguries of Innocence"

by William Blake

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mystery Micro

GMS Week 12

The moths have returned! Well, at least one tiny micro moth - the only thing to be found in the trap this morning.

The minimum temperature recorded was 6.6 degrees centigrade.

I've gone through the Manley book twice, trawled through various moth websites and visited moth blogs, but I have very little idea what it is. For those who know far more about moths than me please don't laugh but the closest I can get is Wax Moth, or Parsnip Moth or Eudonia pallida. The new micro moth id book can't be published quick enough for me - although I am sure I will still have many id problems:)

I've risked uploading two photos as I still need to extend my photo storage. They are exceedingly heavily cropped but will give you an idea. The length of the moth is one centimetre and the wingspan of both wings only about 3 millimetres.

Edit - Many thanks to Dean for coming to my rescue yet again. The moth is an Agonopterix sp - possibly scopariella. According to Manley in his "British Moths and Butterflies photographic guide" this moth needs either breeding to be confirmed or its genitalia to be examined to be sure of id. Well one thing is sure we will not tbe going down the latter route!

I've left the moth trap out to run again tonight as I am determined to catch more moths and warmer weather seems to be on the approach later next week so I shall persevere.

Garden Birds

The swifts are back locally - I saw my first few birds on 17th May screeching round the roof tops.

One or both Stock Doves are still feeding daily and the pair of Chaffinches visit all the time - I am sure they are nesting close by. There were several Greenfinch juveniles on the feeders this morning which is great news considering how scarce this species has been in my garden recently. The Great Spotted Woodpecker is carrying away beakfuls of fat so I am sure he has young in a nest nearby. The two young Blue Tit nestlings have survived so far despite visits from the male with food being very sporadic - the female is now regularly hunting for food herself for the youngsters.


Anonymous said...

Caroline, your micro is definitely an Agonopterix, possibly scopariella.

Ragged Robin said...

Dean - Many thanks for coming to the rescue yet again :) I've had a look at the Manley book and scopariella does look likely. I see I was as far off as ever in my id attempts :)

ShySongbird said...

I too trawled through image after image to no avail....and then found Dean's comment :-) I suspect you will find the new book invaluable.

It sounds like there is plenty going on bird wise in your garden. I have a large amount of Greenfinches here, they have been outnumbering the Goldfinches lately!

Ragged Robin said...

ShySongbird - Many thanks for looking for the moth :) I must admit I can't wait for the new book! Although I have to be honest and even with id books and the internet I have spent hours in the past just trying to id one moth!

Good to hear your garden greenfinches are doing so well. Here goldfinches seem to outnumber every other species of bird!

Thanks for your help again with the storage and resizing. I have extended my storage capacity so hopefully I shall be able to post more photos soon!

Rohrerbot said...

I'm glad your moths have returned back. I know it's something you like and I do enjoy reading your investigations. Have fun:)

Central Birder said...

Hi Caroline, great news regarding Greenfinchs in your garden, I've got a male & female visiting my feeders this year too, along with good numbers of Goldfinch.

News from BM - Barn Owl nest has eggs & daily sightings of a hunting Owl are now seen around 6 - 8pm.

Ragged Robin said...

Chris - Many thanks - sadly they are still in short supply!

Central Birder

Many thanks for leaving a comment. Glad to hear about your Greenfinches - its amazing how Goldfinches have moved into gardens.

Thanks too for the news from Brandon Marsh - that is brilliant. I'm hoping to visit soon and will try and make an evening visit sometime within the next few months. How I wish the reserve was closer to home!

Best wishes Caroline