"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

From "Auguries of Innocence"

by William Blake

Monday, 15 July 2013

Latest on Garden Moths

I put out the moth trap several times last week and here's a few photos of the species I trapped on 9th and 11th July. (I've dispensed with summaries etc., at the moment as I am just desperately trying to get the blog up to date!!)

Lime Hawk Moth (New for Year)

Hawkmoths, unlike many other species, always seem very docile so here it is posing on a shrub and the sundial.

Sycamore (New for Garden)

Double-striped Pug (New for Year)

Flame Shoulder (New for Year)

Quite a lot of Garden Grass-veneers in the trap and several Crambus pascuella - see below

Really must try and find the time tackle micro id as I "encouraged" dozens to leave without potting. There were dozens of one species with very long antennae and brown and black striped bodies. I've even got the new Micro "bible" so I really should make more effort.

I was thrilled to trap Buff Tip - a new species for the garden.

What an amazing moth with the most incredible cryptic colouration.

Buff Tip's brilliant camouflage mimics a snapped-off piece of dead twig with flaking bark and one jagged end.

Here you can see it against Silver Birch Bark - would have been better posing on a branch but the branches were too high to reach!

As always please let me know if any of the id's are incorrect.


SeagullSuzie said...

The Buff Tip is incredible. What an advanced state of camouflage for such a little creature.

Bovey Belle said...

What great finds! I am always amazed by their disguises - that Buff Tip has camouflage off to an art!

Countryside Tales said...

Am v envious of your lime- would love to see one of those. Well done on the Buff Tip- fantastic moths :-)

Ragged Robin said...

SeagullSuzie - Thank you. I really was rather pleased (understatement) to finally catch one after seeing it on so many other blogs!

Bovey Belle - Thank you. The camouflage of some is just amazing - they are fascinating creatures :)

Countryside Tales - Thank you. Do hope you manage to get one soon in your trap. I do seem to be adding a lot of great species to my list at the moment - usually I just get mainly lbj's of the moth world!!!

Em Parkinson said...

Wonderful moths. The Buff Tip's camouflage is amazing. Great to see it on the birch like that.

Wendy said...

The Buff Tip is amazing. Because it has adapted like that to its surroundings, it has to be a fascinating example of evolution.

Ragged Robin said...

Em Parkinson - Thanks - luckily the Buff Tip was quite docile and posed quite happily!

Wendy - Thanks. I've got a great book called Enjoying Books by Roy Leverton that explains all about natural selection and evolution in moths :)

essjay said...

came to your page after googling images of a moth that we didnt know...it was the Limehawk Moth. thank you.

Ragged Robin said...

essjay - Thanks so much for letting me know. So glad my blog helped you identify the moth. They are a beautiful species :)