"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

From "Auguries of Innocence"

by William Blake

Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Trip to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Just a brief interlude from the Isle of Wight Holiday - I will return to that tomorrow and also I must do a moth posting as I caught some really nice moths earlier this week including a very beautiful green moth - a garden first.

David and I went to London today to see Dr Faustus at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

It was an incredible experience - the theatre itself is superb and very atmospheric and the play was brilliant. I've always wanted to see this particular play as it contains some beautiful poetry and the acting was excellent with some great special effects. How did they manage the scene where Faustus' head is cut off?

Its also quite interesting with the theatre being open to the elements which means there were quite a few birds flying around - mainly feral pigeons and gulls and I was distracted at one point by a blackbird who obviously had a nest within the theatre and was carrying a beakful of food for the young.

Sorry no photos as I decided to leave the camera at home and really regretted the decision as there were so many photographic opportunities. David took some photos on his phone so if and when he gets round to uploading them I will post them on the blog. We walked past the remains of Winchester Palace and the reconstruction of the Golden Hind and also Southwark Cathedral which would have been well worth a visit had we had more time.

After the play we went and had a look at St Paul's Cathedral - I even braved walking over Millenium Bridge to get there (and back). A scary experience for me as I hate heights and have to admit I walked at 5 times my normal speed literally running across without looking to right or left or the glass sides! It didn't help when I heard several comments about it swaying in the wind!

Had a nice meal at Pizza Express before catching the tube back to Euston. They do some great vegetarian pizzas and yummy desserts.

On another note - I am at a total loss to understand the need for the High Speed Rail at such a high cost (especially the potential destruction of ancient woodlands) when our train journey from Birmingham International to Euston took the grand total of just one and a quarter hours!


Pete said...

you need a good compact :D

Olympus XZ-1


Oympus E-PL1 within 14-42 lens? lots of places have this cheap at the mo due to new models.

Ragged Robin said...

I would love one, Pete - something I can just slip in the pocket! But I still want a macro lens and the trouble is justifying treating myself to any of these things!!!

I'll have to start buying lottery tickets :D